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The Original Mabi™ Drink – “The Authentic Caribbean Flavor”

May 16, 2007

okay – lies.

To learn about the real mauby drink, read my previous entry —> here.

Then file this one under “how could it possibly fail?“. (Take the Ali G./Chomsky interview as another example).

This “Mabi”™ branding of traditional mabi/mauby is part of a shameful attempt to popularize the nichey Caribbean drink. Naturally, if you want to remake an already amazing product, you simply add a lot of corn syrup. Then you pasteurize it. Ta-da! You’ve lost all that “Authentic Caribbean Flavor” you mentioned in your slogan, but you gained a saucy bikini model somehow…

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  1. May 15, 2007 04:38

    I bet this would compliment that side of oxtail real nice like.

  2. May 15, 2007 07:16

    A bikini model with a less impressive rack than expected.

    Never tasted mabi drinks. Now I want to try, though I don’t think there are any around here. All smaller shops are asian: typically pakistani, thai, or vietnamese

    • May 15, 2007 19:14

      What you want is maubi drinks. All the same – are there no Caribbeans in Olso?
      If not, you’re out of luck. Sorry.

      Re: the model. Send them a complaint letter. What can I say?

      • Anonymous permalink
        September 14, 2007 12:53

        Mabi not Mauby!

        I love people who talk about products but don’t know the facts. Mabi is a totally different drink than Mauby. Mabi is loved by people from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti. The drink is bubbly with a wine/cider flavor. Mauby is a made from a different tree bark and is very bitter. Jamaicans love mauby. The label on the Mabi drink has different countries so it will get everyone to enjoy the drink.

        • September 14, 2007 17:08

          Re: Mabi not Mauby!

          Do you love those people? Do you really?
          How’s your company doing, by the way…?

          So, let’s talk about facts, since you invoked them:

          First of all, allow me to differentiate between Mabi™ and mabi. Mabi™ is the product that you’re hawking, and mabi is a folk drink that’s consumed throughout the Caribbean. Shame on you for co-opting the name, BTW.

          If mabi was actually different from mauby, ya’ll’d look like marketing retards for pushing a drink that’s so similar in name to that well-established and beloved beverage. Thankfully, mauby is maubi is mabi is mavi (see here and here for alternate spellings/pronunciations/preparations!).

          Now, you may be able to argue that the recipe for Puerto Rican or Dominican mabi is different from the recipe for Trini or Jamaican mauby… and I don’t doubt it. But is the most important ingredient, the bark, different – as you claim? The answer is: ‘NO‘. Every version of the mauby/mabi recipe is made from the bark of the Colubrina (in the Rhamnaceae family). See here for further horticultural info. See the wiki link above as well. If yours uses a different bark, it may be Mabi™, but it isn’t mabi/mauby – and it sure isn’t Mauby Fizzz™.

          …And see here and HERE for corroboration that your common name of choice (“mabi”) and that botanical name are, in fact, paired – along with a fascinating study in the British Journal of Psychiatry that correlates mabi bark consumption and psychosis. I can send you the full text. It’s a good read, and quite unlike the health claims you make in your press releases (lowered blood pressure, cholesterol, increased libido). Careful! Those claims could get you in trouble!!!

          Also, branding your energy drink version as Mavi™ may further distance yourself from this name confusion on the mainland (I won’t discuss the wonders of bilabial approximants in Spanish here) but it will not excuse the fact – and this is the bottom line – that Mabi™ is no good. I don’t care what “different countries” are represented on your label, the stuff inside the bottle is corn-syrupy and, at best, unremarkable.

          • Anonymous permalink
            November 12, 2007 22:46

            Re: Mabi not Mauby!

            Hello Again:
            It appears you continue to talk out your ass without knowing the facts. Mauby is made from tree bark and the end product is a very bitter drink- loved by Jamaicans and other Caribbean countries. Mabi (pronounced ma-bee by the people of the Dominican Republic and Haiti) and Mavi (pronounced ma-vee by the people of Puerto Rico(is made from a vine called Bejuco Indio and not a bark)The end drink is a very sugary wine/beer carbonated flavor. Our drink is loved by millions and is being distributed by GOYA FOODS. We hope everyone will try it.

            • November 15, 2007 22:48

              Re: Mabi not Mauby! REPRISE

              Hello again Mabi:

              1). I refer you to the detailed response I provided above.

              2). I refer you to César Moliné Arrodo’s book, “Breve Explicación de los Nombres
              y Escudos Municipales de Puerto Rico
              “, in which he states: “El maví … Palabra de origen africano para una bebida hecha a partir del ‘bejuco de indio’ (Gouania lupuloides). También se le llama así a la planta Colubrina elliptica (soldierwood) cuya corteza es uno de los
              ingredientes de la bebida
              .” [p. 48-49, italics and emphasis mine]. Now, what part of Colubrina elliptica is used in mabi/mavi? The bark. Maybe not in your Mavi™, but definitely in traditional mabi/mavi, according to Don César. So, your commercial product appears to be missing at least one vital ingredient, and has attempted to replace at least one other: Sugar. Not that I’m intolerant of variation in recipe (as I said) but yours is just not that great, relatively.

              3). I refer you, again, to the detailed response I provided above, and I invite you to read it. Then check out all the cross-referencing I did for you!

              4). I refer this whole thread to Sr. Luis Selles the Purchasing Director of Goya Foods, Puerto Rico and to Mr. Joseph Perez, Senior Vice President of Goya Foods in Secaucus, NJ. I doubt they appreciate your total lack of diplomacy where their esteemed brand name is involved.

              So… in the end, does Mabi™ have the “The Authentic Caribbean Flavor” that the slogan claims? The answer remains, clearly, “NO“. Not necessarily for these trifling botanical reasons we’ve been discussing, but because (again) corn syrup and pasteurization are distinctly un-Caribbean – and completely detrimental to this drink. Especially the corn syrup.

              I hope everyone will try it too. Once.

              • February 15, 2008 13:04

                Re: Mabi not Mauby! REPRISE

                Especially the corn syrup.

                Hear, hear. (I’m betting this is HFCS, and not just corn syrup, too?)

  3. tuwala permalink
    August 14, 2011 11:49

    Un roman écrit sous LSD à n’en pas douter.

    3d design

    • August 14, 2011 17:35

      They say mauby bark might act as a hallucinogen in high concentrations.

  4. August 27, 2011 16:49

    Mauby from bark, Mabi from a vine, while there might be variations specially from people who think these drinks are the same for the simple fact the names coincide the actual drink/recipe is not.

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