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This is the NO DELI drink diary,

wherein I struggle to document all of my beverage adventures,
keep my ɪŋɡlɪʃ skɪllƶ intact, and unlearn basic HTML.




On This Date in History…

March 18, 2013




Соки, vintage 1982

February 19, 2013



February 4, 2013

I don’t mean to encroach on EiT’s patch, but – anyway – Big Nick’s couldn’t even be arsed to prepare the cherry-lime rickey promised by their menu/wall, so, I hurried down my baba ganoush sandwich(?!) then rushed to the nearby drugstore to buy this instead. Ah! But can you spot the error…?


When reading sleeps, impulse purchases dance.*


*after Bunch



January 17, 2013
«I love Brooklyn – it’s so edgy
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December 25, 2012


Oh, Badri.

December 9, 2012


The old black-pepper-in-the-coffee prank.


[Cherry-picked stills from one of the many short documentaries produced by the ingenious, insightful, prolific Eyewitness Studio, Tbilisi.]


Try Chambers’ Famous Soda Water (& Moxie) – Coney Island, circa 1904

November 5, 2012


Detail from one of several (!) varied disaster-motif spectacles at Olde Coney. Ah, refreshment.

This most recent continuation of that very same theme, the admission was free – but saw diminished attendance anyway. Hopefully it’ll be the last time they stage one of these rides.


Lance Hahn

October 21, 2012


Basmala Vodka

October 10, 2012







Dateline: ~six months ago. I recall a news report about a Kazakh vodka that invoked the name of ‘Allah’ on its label (written in Arabic – so it took a cadre of good citizens and their respective Imams some time to establish this terrible blasphemy with any certainty). Anyway, after literacy struck it didn’t take long for the drink to get pulled from store shelves. When neither the consumers nor (apparently!) the graphic designers knew what the little squiggles meant – everyone was happy. Then ouuut marched the schoolmarms. See? There’s a moral in this.

The original articles I read were short on photos. Eventually, RFE shot a pic, but I must admit I was disappointed. After all that hype, hysterics, and hand-wringing! I imagined it would look something more like that.




September 29, 2012

I see your pork shortage and raise you one smug and sincere I-don’t-give-a.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to finally float this pic, though.



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